Plain enough for a dinner-for-one, fancy enough to serve to company, roasted chicken is seldom good enough to command $27 a plate. But at Hamersley’s Bistro, it is. And it has been for a long, long time.

NahantNative, a recent convert, describes the loveliness: “It was perfectly cooked; moist and crispy skin and the sauce was to die for.”

The only bummer, says NahantNative, is the sides, skimpy for the $27 price tag. “It came with merely a wedge of onion (which was delish) and single wedge of potato. I ordered an extra side of roasted potato ($10) which was literally 5 fingerlings. All in all I’d go back and order it again in a heartbeat, but I think Gordon should be a little more generous with his portions.”

Yes, you read that right. Ten dollars for a side of potatoes. Worth it for special evenings though, says hounda. “The service, the room, the vibe, and the chicken are fantastic and I plan to keep this place my special occasion go-to.”

“I can’t tell you how many thanks I’ve received over the years for recommending that people order it,” says BostonZest. “People don’t take the time to reach out and thank you for something ordinary. I think the high quality and consistency at Hamersley’s is due to focus and pride. This is a place where the owners are only paying attention to making a small group of diners in one restaurant happy. They are doing all the small things you can to do to deliver a superior experience every time you put a plate in front of a customer.”

If you really can’t afford a plate, Gordon Hamersley’s roasted chicken recipe is online. Make it at home?

Hamersley’s Bistro [South End]
553 Tremont Street, Boston

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