Pann’s has the best corned beef hash and eggs ever, says Servorg. It’s “unbelievably good. … Out of this world good. Huge chunks of delicious, melt-in-your-mouth corned beef and potatoes fried up with that wonderful crusty char … and all made in house … along with 2 beautifully prepared eggs over easy (yolks done runny and whites set) and fried tomatoes.” Ordering is, says Servorg, now officially a toss-up between Pann’s patty melt and corned beef.

Most local corned beef hash is either too lean, or lacking in potato-y heartiness, says mrshankly. But mrshankly agrees: The one truly great corned beef hash in Los Angeles is Pann’s.

It’s not on the menu all the time, and only occasionally at night. It’s not on the regular menu. You may have to quiz your server about it.

Pann’s Restaurant & Coffee Shop [South LA]
6710 La Tijera Boulevard, Los Angeles

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