Lao Bian Dumpling has changed hands recently, and no longer serves Dongbei food. In fact, notes Chandavkl, despite the name of the restaurant staying the same, “they no longer seem to serve dumplings.”

On the menu now: Sichuan food. Not all the Sichuan favorites are present and accounted for, but there’s “a very, very good soup,” says cant talk…eating. It’s called Sichuan beef noodle, and it’s a lot like the standard Chinese beef noodle soup, but with dried red peppers, whole garlic cloves, and other huge hunks of intensity. It’s an incredible bargain—$6.95 for “probably … a half pound of stew meat, richly seasoned broth,” says cant talk…eating.

There is a cold dish section with much offal. The waitress recommends the spicy lamb chop, tea duck, and steamed pork, which looks a lot like Shanghai-style pork pump, says cant talk…eating.

Lao Bian Dumpling [San Gabriel Valley]
800 W. Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel
No phone available

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