At Otis Jackson’s Soul Dog, maxzook enjoyed a pork bratwurst topped with grilled onions, coleslaw, and brown mustard. “The brat was excellent and had a good snap,” says maxzook. “The cole slaw was restaurant-supply standard and a messy mistake; without it the combination would have been hard to beat.”

“My advice is to order the sides as sides and not as hot dog toppings (I will not be trying the dogs topped with mac ‘n’ cheese, thank you),” says maxzook. Au contraire, says lad1818. “The hot dog with the mac ‘n’ cheese plopped on it was a little bit of heaven.”

“It’s such a natural pairing,” says Servorg. “After all, we make our mac ‘n’ cheese at home with added dogs all the time.”

Otis Jackson’s Soul Dog [San Fernando Valley – East]
5166 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood

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