Overheard on the San Francisco Bay Area Board

"I stopped at Manila Oriental Market this morning, they carry Orientex brand and had Goldilocks brand with shrimp and with pork. They had many varieties of Orientex in vegetable, shrimp and veggies, chicken and veggies, as well as pork. Large size is $11.99. Small $5.99. Pacific Market in Daly City has many varieties of Orientex but no other labels." – Bruce in SLO on the best frozen lumpia brands available at area markets

"The black beans were fabulous, Cuban-style rice cooked with lemon was very good, excellent plantains. Ridiculous amount of food for the $17 or whatever." – Robert Lauriston on Los Cubanos in San Jose

"The Chi-Chi is a more cosmopolitan cousin of the now-gone basic chili-cheese burger. It had a little bit of very good tomato, sharp cheddar, a little mustard and pickle, and a layer of chili, more of a condiment now (i.e. still spilling out slightly, but not stealing the show as in the earlier chili-cheese). Delicious, a fine sense of balance." – eatzalot eats through the burger menu at Steakout in Mountain View

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