Summer brings an abundance of peppers, both sweet and hot, to backyard gardens and farmers’ markets, and at much lower prices than in the thick of winter. Whether you want to preserve your own crop or take advantage of in-season prices, hounds have favorite methods.

Bell peppers can be roasted, peeled and seeded, and frozen in serving amounts. They can also be chopped or quartered, laid out on a baking sheet, and frozen, then stored in freezer bags. They’ll be soft, and good for cooked preparations. HunterJay‘s mother removed the tops and seeds from bell peppers and froze them whole. “Then whenever she wanted stuffed peppers she’d just stuff them (being frozen made them easier to stuff) and bake,” he says.

Chiles can be frozen, too. Poblanos can be roasted, peeled, and frozen, as can New Mexico peppers. “I freeze smaller hot peppers whole and then slice them thinly into cooked preps,” says grayelf. “No need to defrost, just slice away.” Or use hot peppers to make your own condiments; hounds recommend these simple Hunanese salted chiles and CHOW’s Take No Prisoners Hot Sauce.

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