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"I bought one on the weekend on a whim. In my opinion, it should be marketed as something else entirely. It wasn't unpleasant, but aside from being green, it really didn't taste like an avocado at all to me. It was juicier and sweeter. I can't imagine it holding up in a sandwich or sushi roll, due to its juiciness." - 1sweetpea on the "SlimCado" (Florida) avocado

"Most farmer's markets have stringently controlled guidelines for their local farms. If you don't like the rules at your local market, find one with rules you like—but don't assume farmer's markets across the whole nation are filled with charlatans who wear dirt under their fingernails just to make a fashion statement. There are *lots* of family owned farms and farmer's markets in my own area, and the farmers and market growers work their butts off trying to make a living and keep their land. Their products are beautiful, delicious, fresh and usually worthy of premium prices which they may or may not even ask for." - soupkitten on potential farmers' market fraud

"I made it according to the instructions on the package since I'm a farro novice—it recommended 15 [minutes] approx for al dente—it was al dente after 15 min and I tossed it with crushed garlic, extra virg olive oil, s&p, oregano, and a little parm, & provolone—it was delicious!" - crowmuncher on how to prepare farro

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