Whether or not diners enjoy New York’s Restaurant Week is hotly debated. Kitchens tend to get slammed with orders, so service can be sluggish and food not at its peak. That said, yesterday’s announcement that this summer’s RW has been extended through September 5 made me wonder if perhaps $24 lunches and $35 dinners are somehow as good for the food industry’s bottom line as they are for building buzz. But I skimmed the new list, and apparently not every restaurant was on board with the Restaurant “Week” extension—and the lower revenue per meal. In fact, a lot were not: Esca and Riverpark, both of whom I’ve featured on the NY CHOW Report, have dropped off the list, as have Maialino, Telepan, and the Union Square Café.

It’s a little unfortunate for hounds trying to save a few bucks while checking out someplace new, especially since they’ve been so diligent about compiling mammoth RW recommendation (and warning) lists like this one. One of the few restaurants that still has RW reservations available is SHO Shaun Hergatt, but Barcelonian was so unhappy about being seated 30 minutes after the reservation time—and the waiter’s lack of apology—that he will “never be back.” Cheeryvisage also visited SHO for RW, however, and noted that although the service was not so great, “the poached egg and the salad appetizers were both very good. My ocean trout main course was fantastic.” So perhaps there are gems to be found amid the new, slimmed-down RW options. What do you see that’s still on there that looks good?

SHO Shaun Hergatt [Financial District]
40 Broad Street, Manhattan

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