Old Chowhound favorite Mariscos Chente and its cook, Sergio, are still getting the love. Witness the following beautiful tribute, from emglow101: “I have been here one month working and I was truly sad knowing I was eating my last meal last night and would not be returning for some time. I actually think about this place and the great chef Sergio who is so compassionate about his food and suffers for his cooking working long hours and days. In the short time I was here we developed a relationship to where after the first time I ate there and went back he remembered my name. I have been there six times. ‘Sergio, I’ll have some soup tonight.’ No need to look at the menu, he would prepare me a special soup of camarones and also bring small plates for me to try. The food is great but more so this is a great man and chef who I will miss. You are lucky to have something so special in this day and age.”

“Whenever I see his name mentioned, I always refer to him as, ‘The Maestro,’ in my mind,” says bulavinaka. But, warn Chowhounds, Sergio’s changing his schedule; call Mariscos Chente and ask if he’s in the kitchen before you go.

What to get? Pescado zarandeado. “A huge butterflied snook marinated and grilled, topped with sliced cucumber and red onion, and served with brown marinated onions, lime, and soft corn tortillas. This is one of the best dishes I’ve ever eaten and is surely worth the trip out to Inglewood,” says sushigirlie.

emglow101’s favorites are the soup, the camarones burrachos. But really, he says, he loves them all equally. “Each one is different and special. They are all number one.”

Mariscos Chente [Westside – Beaches]
4532 S. Centinela Avenue, Los Angeles

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