Here’s an inquiry we can get behind: Where are the great filled-to-order cannolis of Staten Island? Typically less gummy than their premade counterparts, freshly made cannolis are a thing of wonder. freshfigs accurately points out that the boards are full of chatter about the Staten Island Italian American community, so where are those cannolis hiding? Tay suggests calling Dominick’s and Royal Crown, and gives a spontaneous shout-out to Mother Mousse for cakes. italianices chimes in with a solid lead at Pasticceria Bruno in West Brighton. Anyone else have a favorite fresh cannoli in S.I.? Report back on what you find, freshfigs!

Dominick’s [New Dorp]
31 New Dorp Plaza N, Staten Island

Royal Crown [Old Town]
1350 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island

Mother Mousse [Grant City]
2175 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island

Pasticceria Bruno [West Brighton]
676 Forest Avenue, Staten Island

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