Hot or sweet banana peppers are zingy and versatile. Pickled, they are delicious in sandwiches, salads, or on pizza, or chop them finely and add to meatloaf and turkey burgers. LaLa dips them in beer batter and deep-fries them.

Many hounds stuff banana peppers. Rick uses this recipe and says it will stuff three to four pounds of peppers, which “freeze extremely well and are great over pasta.”

Also very popular is stuffing the peppers, wrapping them in pastry, and baking. renwill cuts the tops off the peppers, makes a slit down one side, removes the seeds, stuffs them with browned bulk sausage mixed with cheese sauce, wraps them in refrigerated crescent roll dough, and bakes. “These are simply delicious,” he says. Other hounds use puff pastry to wrap the peppers, and stuff them with everything from goat cheese to Thai larb gai (a spicy ground chicken dish).

Banana peppers are good raw, too. “For a quick snack we like to split in half, wash and clean [then] stuff with cream cheese or pimento cheese,” says debbysdelights.

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