Overheard on the Home Cooking Board

"When Hurricane Isabel knocked our power out for 9 days, I learnt how to use my grill for everything, including baking. My grill has a side burner which was great for boiling water to use for making coffee in the French press. Then I figured out I could use my Pampered Chef pizza stone to bake in my grill. I put the stone on one side of the grill with the burners off (or on very low) and fired up the other side. I made biscuits and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I made pizzas, calzones, rolls, etc. on that pizza stone." - Divalicious

"Butter. Butter and more butter. I love slicing into a perfect room-temperature cube of it, all pearly white, to spread on good bread and sprinkle with salt. I love melting it slowly to incorporate into sauces, and I love browning it for vegetables. The creamy texture; delicious flavors available in every different brand with all different butterfat contents. ... And sometimes I slice off just a small dab, and eat it plain." - mamachef on sensuous foods

"Cook asparagus, carrots, potatoes, and beets, roll up some ham slices, boil some shrimp and serve them with a bowl of your yummy aioli as a dip. Serve with a nice rosé, not too dry, beer, or iced tea. Give everyone plain parsley to munch on when they're done so they won't reek like burnt tires for three days, unless they don't mind." - Isolda on ways to use up aioli

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