abgooshtdude gives a nice primer on restaurants offering Persian chelow kebabs, beginning by explaining that these types of restaurants tend to have a standard and rather austere menu, with entrées that “will, by their nature, be rather unexciting.” Those entrées consist of various types of kebabs served on top of “the seriously under-appreciated chello [another spelling of ‘chelow’]: unique Persian long grain Basmati, repeatedly washed & long soaked to create the fluffy aromatic result.”

Once the chelow kebab reaches the table, some people like to mix a room-temperature raw egg yolk, a few pats of butter, or perhaps some grilled tomato into the rice. On the side, you’ll often find wild dried sumac, house-made pickles, raw yellow onion, and mast-o-khiar, a yogurt-mint-cucumber relish.

Sabzi, a Persian joint in East Arlington, offers just such a menu, and they’re doing a darned good job with it, says abgooshtdude. He calls the kebabs “exemplary,” and adds that the “atmosphere is pretty private and cozy, the plate presentation careful and nicely done,” and the owners friendly and welcoming.

Appetizers are in the $5 to $7 range, with mains running $11 to $15.

Sabzi [North of Boston]
352 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington

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