It’s a good week for Persian on the boards. yumyum singles out Kolbeh of Kabob, previously noted here for fine rice. yumyum opted for the kubideh plate, a bargain at $7.95 for a kebab of spiced ground chicken over rice with chopped salad, hummus, pita, and a “charred tomato.” “Delicious juicy meat and excellent rice,” sums up yumyum happily.

Kasak-bademjoon was up next: eggplant dip with onions, garlic, and fried mint. The fried mint was a bit bitter when the dip was hot; yumyum liked it better cold and left over. And finally, tadik, “a Persian specialty of the crackly bits of rice that stick to the bottom of the pan and is served with crispy pita bits and a choice of stew (gheymeh or sabzi; beef with split peas or vegetable stew).” yumyum’s gheymeh turned out to be chunks of sirloin in a tomato sauce—in a word, “wonderful.”

If you’re doing takeout, don’t forget to ask for the sumac to sprinkle over your rice.

Kolbeh of Kabob [Cambridge]
1500 Cambridge Street, Cambridge

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