El Novillo serves the best carnitas of any taco truck Ruth Lafler has ever tried. The tripas tacos are also excellent, even for those who don’t usually like tripe. Tripas tacos are like slightly chewy, chopped-up bacon, reminiscent of chicharrones, says chocolatetartguy. The carne asada can be chewy, though, says lainielou. Also, the night crew is better than the day crew–luckily, the truck is open until 2 a.m.

lainielou also likes the truck from La Pinata restaurant, located at the intersection of High Street and Interstate 880, behind the inexpensive gas station–NOT the truck inside the gas station! The carnitas are great, the sopes excellent. The taco truck at 98th Avenue, near the DMV, has great tortas.

El Novillo Taco Truck [Fruitvale]
in parking lot of Guadalajara Restaurant
1001 Fruitvale Ave., Oakland

La Pinata Taco Truck [Fruitvale]
720 High St., at Highway 880, Oakland

Taco Truck [Fruitvale]
at 98th Ave., near the DMV, Oakland

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