Oliveto’s annual Oceanic Dinner is, along with its Whole Hog series, a must-do for many hounds. The goat’s milk ricotta cavatelli with smoked bluefish made at least one person’s best bites of 2010 list. This year a new chef, Jonah Rhodehamel, mans the stove. How does this dinner stand up to past events?

wanderlust21, in with an early review, thought that the secondi were better than the pasta course, unlike in past years. Of special note were the sand dabs stuffed with fregola pasta: “as satisfying as a meat dish,” said our reviewer.

First up was a California Coast event July 12 through 15, featuring West Coast seafood. Next: a Mid-Atlantic seafood menu July 19 through 22, which will include a lobster roll and pan-fried black bass.

Oliveto Cafe & Restaurant [East Bay]
5655 College Avenue, Oakland

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