Many of us associate sage with autumn and holiday cooking, as a seasoning for stuffing and roasted meats, but it’s also a summer staple for Chowhounds. Sage pairs wonderfully with pork, and hounds use crushed sage in rubs for grilled pork tenderloin, or to stuff a butterflied tenderloin before grilling. Matahari22 stuffs chicken breasts with fresh sage leaves, prosciutto, and cheese, then grills. “Sometimes I take a bunch of sage, stem and all, and throw it on the coals I am cooking over,” says calliope_nh. “The sage smoke is yummy.”

“Fry whole sage leaves in a skillet of olive oil until they just darken. Carefully lift out with a slotted spoon, drain on paper towels, and sprinkle with kosher salt,” recommends jmckee. “It’s an excellent addition to antipasto or a garnish. I love it. Addictive.”

Hounds also use sage in sweets. Flavor panna cotta with it, or make honey-sage ice cream by substituting honey for part of the sugar in a basic vanilla ice cream recipe and infusing the milk with sage leaves before making the custard. And iced, lightly sweetened sage tea (sage leaves steeped in hot water) is very refreshing, says nofunlatte.

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