The first issue of David Chang’s quarterly food zine, Lucky Peach, is devoted to ramen, putting mrcdj in the mood for “serious” ramen. “Does anyone know where you can get the good stuff here in Boston?”

Short of making it oneself, hounds agree there are two places: Sapporo Ramen and Pikaichi (spotlighted in Digest a few months ago).

“Sapporo and Pikaichi are the only places worth really trying, and they are in the ‘decent’ to ‘pretty good’ category. I prefer Pikaichi over Sapporo. I think both places are ‘serious’ about their ramen, but it just isn’t anywhere near the best in the world by NYC or Tokyo or any other standard,” counsels Mike5966. “But who cares, it’s what we got here so that’s where I go when I want ramen. When I have a craving, these places do hit the spot.”

Hounds are split on which place is better. “Been to both Pikaichi and Sapporo and prefer Sapporo by a mile,” says yumyum. “Others have lamented the too thick / rich broth at Sapporo, but I like it a lot. Their pork can be hit or miss, though … one day juicy and fatty the way I like it, the next kinda dried out and stringy.”

“Sapporo is about as good as a 2nd tier NYC place,” says tatsu. “I should mention that the Sapporo reformulated broth is a less porky version, done with chicken partially.”

Sapporo Ramen [Cambridge]
1815 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite M5, Cambridge

Pikaichi [Allston]
1 Brighton Avenue, Boston

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