Beijing Pie House is already very popular with Chowhounds, but ipsedixit has found its hidden wonder: the donkey roll. This dessert requires 24 hours’ notice. Call ahead, then pick it up. “[I]magine a jelly roll had a one night stand with a French crêpe and they conveniently forgot to use protection,” says ipsedixit.

The donkey roll is made with glutinous rice flour, rolled flat into a crêpelike sheet, then covered with a layer of sweet red bean paste and rolled up like a jelly roll. “Result? Silky smooth and pillow-y soft,” says ipsedixit. “Like biting into cotton candy taffy made of red mochi paste, but without the sickly sweet feeling you get with state fair cotton candy bombs. It’s very luscious without being heavy. Perfect denture dessert food, if you will.”

“Good stuff. Good eating. No. GLORIOUS eating,” says ipsedixit.

Beijing Pie House [San Gabriel Valley]
846 E. Garvey Avenue, Monterey Park

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