Maxime Bilet, coauthor of the epic 2,400-page book Modernist Cuisine, shares an incredible technique for making an omelet fit for a modernist chef. To try to make this omelet at home, start with some powdered whole eggs and CHOW’s recipe for duxelles mushroom paste. Measure your duxelles, then read the directions on the package of powdered eggs. You’ll need to treat the amount of duxelles as the amount of water needed to hydrate the eggs, and then figure out the equivalent ratio of powdered eggs in order to have at least 4 ounces of paste per omelet. Place the duxelles and the powdered eggs in a food processor, process until smooth, and use this as the mushroom paste in the omelet. Obviously, this omelet technique is not for the faint of heart, but check out the results in the video! Incredible.

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