What to do when you get a $50 gift certificate to a pricey restaurant you’d never visit on your own? That’s the question uwsister posed to fellow hounds last week. Not big on steaks, she wonders whether it’s worth her time to head down to one of the old-school Palm steakhouses clutching $50 worth of food dollars. As a steak-avoider, she’s a little worried: There’s only so much creamed spinach and Caesar salad a person can eat!

Is it worth her time? As with the responses to the vegetarian headed to Peter Luger, we’ve been impressed with the range of suggestions. DuchessNukem chimes in from Dallas—the Palm is a national empire—to say that “raw oysters and lobster sliders plus drinks at the bar, should use that up nicely.” Sounds pretty tasty to us, but uwsister just “stuffed ourselves up to here with lobsters up in Maine.” Oh, poor gal! howster chimes in to rave about the crab cakes: “Oh my god they gave you 3 nice size cakes and basically it was all crab meat very little filler best I have ever had.” michele cindy, a steak eater herself, always orders lobster and suggests that uwsister simply wait till she’s in the mood for it again. She also mentions the chicken parm—apparently the Palm is famous for it—and bronwen backs her up. tractarian, who hails from a “big Italian family in Bensonhurst,” goes so far as to say that the Palm makes the “best veal parmigiana I’ve ever had in the city.” For dessert, H Manning reports that the “key lime pie is the best ever.” Sounds like there’s plenty to choose from with that $50.

Ever been to the Palm? What do you order?

The Palm [Midtown East]
837 Second Avenue, Manhattan

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