Crumble-topped, shortbread-crusted bar cookies filled with jam are nice any time of year, but the blueberry crumb bars hounds can’t stop praising are a special summer treat, made with lots of fresh berries.

These bars, which are made with four cups of berries, have “just the right balance between fruit and crumb,” says magiesmom, who cuts the sugar in the filling in half when she has especially good berries. “The color is just so passionately summery, and the flavor matches,” says twilight goddess. “Love how the lemon is just a hint, but balances the sweetness and the buttery crumbles.”

This recipe also works well with other berries or a combination, according to HillJ, who uses raw sugar in the recipe and adds vanilla and cinnamon to the crust mixture. geminigirl likes them chilled, and rabaja thinks they “would be good with coffee, and they went well with my glass of red wine too.”

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