Nevermind the charbroiler, says elmomonster–“Deep-frying is the only path to righteousness for tacos de pescado.”

The fish fillet in Las Cotijas’ fish tacos, dipped in batter and fried to golden crunchiness, could do double duty in an order of fish and chips. But here it gets wrapped lovingly in warm corn tortillas, topped with crisp shredded cabbage and squirted with pico de gallo and some tangy, mayo-y sauce.

Another nearby candidate for “best fish taco”: El Taco Nazo. Remember, there’s no relation to the other Taco Nazos, which are decent but pack a greasy punch.

Los Cotijas Taco Shop [South OC]
642 E. 1st St., Tustin

Los Cotijas Taco Shop [Little Saigon]
11951 Euclid St., Garden Grove

El Taconazo [Inland of LA]
14676 Pipeline Ave., Chino Hills

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