Malden’s Sun Kong has recently started serving dim sum every day from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and the verdict is: big yes! On some stuff, anyway.

There’s universal acclaim for the pork pineapple buns, so named because the sweet, scored top of the bun resembles the surface of a pineapple. There’s no pineapple in ’em, just char siu pork, or custard, or nothing but bread. lipoff says they had a “deliciously flaky and fresh exterior” and rich pork inside.

Chicken feet are another hound favorite, though it may be difficult to convince the servers to give them to you: A couple of people mention having to persuade the waitstaff to show non-Asian diners everything being passed around, not just the Westernized dishes. But once you get your hands on the feet (get it?) they’re worth it; as are the short ribs: “nice and fatty with plenty of gristle,” says galangatron.

Beef tripe is also good. “Very delicate flavor (just a bit of ginger and chopped peppers) and absolutely perfect texture,” describes lipoff.

Sun Kong Restaurant [North Shore]
275 Eastern Avenue, Malden

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