With all the hubbub surrounding Andrew Carmellini’s newish restaurant the Dutch, it’s been hard to gauge how the food tastes.

Chowhounds are now weighing in, loving the cornbread and hating the lamb necks. This thread reflects the best and the worst of hound experiences: michele cindy loved the “super” cucumber thyme lemonade, and that her soft-shell crab sandwich was “nice and crispy, not overly greasy, and the fries I ordered well done were great.” The lady also observed many fellow tables eating cornbread with a fork—is that a thing, she wonders? (Our opinion: We hope not.)

But jasmine had quite a different experience, reporting that her waitress’s information about a particular wine was simply “It’s popular,” and that the server opined that maybe her friend disliked the lamb neck with mole because she “got a bad cut.” That said, jasmine liked the “very good” salad with buttermilk dressing, and enjoyed the scallops “very much—light, flavorful, a nice summer dish.” Now that the Dutch has started serving brunch, we’ll expect to see lots of reviews, since Carmellini’s brunches are famously successful. What have you tried and liked—or not—at the restaurant?

The Dutch [SoHo]
131 Sullivan Street, Manhattan

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