Accidental Hedonist: Kate calls out ass hats who produce alcoholic products that try to appeal to health-conscious folks. P.S. Alcohol is not a health product. —Amy

Kitchen Wench: With a winter cold you can mope under a cozy blanket, but what about a summer cold? Eat Korean-esque chicken soup with wontons! —Amy

Running with Tweezers: Loved this dissertation on sandwich-crafting from a food stylist. The best part? The sandwich beauty shot is called the “hero.” No joke. (See image at left.) —Lisa

Delicious Days: Whoa, it’s a warm, bacony dressed salad with croutons made of pork fat? —Lisa

Michael Ruhlman: If you’re going to eat unhealthy food, these chicharrones should be it! —Omer

The Perennial Plate: Being in the wrong place at the wrong time means death to the little crabs and fish, or “bycatch,” on this shrimping boat. —Omer

The Healthy Foodie: Move over Jell-O molds and cheese logs, here’s a cream cheese spread that’s shaped like a pineapple. That’s right, a pineapple. —Christine

White on Rice Couple: A funny dialogue on how not to pronounce “banh mi,” plus a new addition to the delicious sandwich that I never thought of: fried eggs! —Christine

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