Coleslaw with a vinegar-based dressing can taste lighter and brighter than mayo-dressed slaw, and can work equally well as a side dish or for dressing a sandwich.

smtucker uses this recipe as a template, “however, I use really good apple cider vinegar instead of the distilled white vinegar, I cut the sugar in half, and generally, reduce the oil as well,” she says. “I use the Cook’s Illustrated method of salting/draining the cabbage for an hour before rinsing and drying.”

“When I make barbecue or pulled pork, I make a Carolina ketchup-based slaw,” says junescook. To accompany pulled pork, chefj combines shredded red and green cabbage, slivers of jalapeño, shredded carrot, sliced scallions or red onion, and cilantro, and dresses it with brown sugar dissolved in cider vinegar and salt and pepper.

lrealml is a fan of Emeril Lagasse’s Delta coleslaw. “I always add extra peppers and use a combo of red, yellow, and orange. The coleslaw is beautiful this way,” he says. Quine suggests trying old-fashioned coleslaw with boiled dressing.

“Whatever sauce you use, try quartering your cabbage, brushing it with oil and grilling it until char marks appear. Then chop or shred and dress it as you like,” suggests Isolda. “The hint of smokiness is really nice.”

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