“Gjetost (brown goat cheese) is the ‘peanut butter’ of Norway,” says Passadumkeg. “Unless one is a Norsk-a-phile, I can’t imagine how one would use it. Generally on Sundays we have a frukost bord (breakfast table) w/ herrings, bread, Wasa flat breads, meats, cheeses, and sliced cuke, peppers, and tomato to make small open-faced sandwiches. The very first item we eat is a Wasa w/ butter, gjetost, and slices of hot hard-boiled egg. The combination is very satisfying.”

“I love its creamy, almost caramel taste,” says scoopG. “Perfect with sliced Granny Smith apples.”

“It’s a bit like dulce de leche cheese!” says plantainchips.

“I love the taste of gjetost on Wasa Bread or Ry-Krisp, with thinly sliced fruit or some thin salty ham,” says mamachef. “I used to be jealous, growing up in a fishing village where a spread like that was normal for many in the a.m., if not an even bigger, more elaborate smorgasbord; so different from my oatmeal-in-the-a.m.’s household. Used to love overnight sleep dates, especially with my Danish, German, and Russian-extract friends. Just to get to breakfast. Most boring were the nights spent over at the homes of other kids whose parents were pretty much like mine; transplanted Midwesterners to whom such a breakfast would’ve been unbearably ethnic and old-fashioned.”

Discuss: Gjeitost. Are there any other lovers of the frukost bord out there?

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