Enjoying a hot sandwich is often about the interplay of textures: warm, crusty bread, gooey insides. That’s even more true with a banh mi sandwich, which adds intriguing temperature elements to the mix with cool, crunchy vegetables meeting warm bread and meat.

Banh mi are, of course, good any way you can get them, but opinionatedchef has developed a reheating method for Pho Viet’s noted beef banh mi on the frequent occasions when she picks up a few at a time. First, preheat a toaster oven to 300 or 350. Then take the banh mi out of its plastic bag, leaving it in its paper wrapper. If you care about fresh-and-springy cilantro, you should take it out of the sandwich at this point as well, as the reheating method wilts it. The carrot should stay crunchy—leave that in.

Put the sandwich, in its paper, in the microwave at full power for 40 seconds to bring it to room temperature. Take it out, remove the paper cover, and place the sandwich on a metal pan in the toaster oven, with an aluminum takeout container inverted over top. “The inverted alum. pan keeps the food item from burning, while efficiently containing the heat inside its walls,” opinionatedchef explains. If the bread is not crunchy in about 8 to 12 minutes, take the aluminum lid off and keep heating until you hear that joyful noise when you squeeze the sandwich.

By the way, should you feel the need to fill your fridge up with sandwiches, it should be noted that opinionatedchef also has a reheating method for the noted pork gyro at Esperia, located quite nearby Pho Viet. Details on the thread below.

Pho Viet [Brighton]
1095 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

Esperia Grill [Brighton]
344 Washington Street, Boston

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