The Market Grill is a hidden gem of a place, says pleasurepalate. It’s not a stand-alone restaurant—it’s inside Monrovia Market and it’s tiny.

“As you pass the restaurant window, take note of the house-made burger buns that are on cooling trays,” says pleasurepalate. The meat is house-ground, and the 1/3-pound bacon burger is excellent, with two slices of generous, smoky goodness. The burger “hit the spot and then some,” says pleasurepalate. “The burger meat was cooked perfectly and perfectly pink and it was deliciously juicy.”

The vegetables are market-fresh. Market Grill seems to really care about what it serves customers, a focus that holds through dessert. On Wednesdays, and sometimes on other days, there are chocolate chip bacon cookies. “Damn, that sucker was good,” says ipsedixit. “Bacon was nice and salty and gave the cookie a nice crunchy texture (if you like nuts in your cookies, you’ll like this).”

The Market Grill [San Gabriel Valley]
525 S. Shamrock Avenue, Monrovia

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Who else makes Chocolate Chip cookies with bacon?

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