Just opened: Picca, a Westside Peruvian restaurant from the folks behind Mo-Chica. Despite a few glitches, it’s a very fun and utterly delicious place, says foodiemahoodie. “Picca might be the quintessential L.A. restaurant—informal, delicious, creative and a touch of ‘ethnic’.”

“It reminded me of the first omakase I had at Matsuhisa a few decades back when it was so original and fresh. A whole new kind of food. Picca made me feel the same way. Matsuhisa, well, they’re a little stuck and relatively dry, but this place has all the juice. It’s less formal than Matsuhisa, and feels like a culinary party,” says foodiemahoodie.

The best things so far: sea bass, unagi, and ceviche. Santa Barbara shrimp is lovely but, as expected, expensive. Portions are generous.

Picca [Westside – Inland]
9575 W. Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles

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