The ever-reliable Chowhound missmasala, who travels far and wide for fine food in the city, “used to dream about a Taïm-style place opening its doors near me,” and was pleased to see a falafel shop open up nearby. It’s called Kulushkät, and she declares their falafel to be “good. Really good.” Although they don’t offer the wonderful Israeli street snack sabich, like Taïm, Kulushkät does feature hummus plates, salad bowls, and a fried chicken cutlet sandwich that piqued missmasala’s interest. She’s only tried the falafel plain thus far, and reports that they are “green with herbs, nice flavor, fried well.”

JonL followed her lead, stopped by, and wolfed down a falafel sandwich. He reports “excellent” falafel but later reflected that he wished he’d been offered hot sauce and pickled vegetables, which would have helped cut the graininess of the overall experience. He’d had to add his own hot sauce at home.

Have you been to Kulushkät yet? What’s worth trying?

Kulushkät [Park Slope]
446 Dean Street, Brooklyn

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