It is zucchini season, the perfect time to use the squash in light, vegetable-rich appetizers. Try shaving them in thin ribbons, tossing them in a hot pan for a minute, and making them the basis of a salad with cheese, nuts, and a vinaigrette. Or leave it raw; paulj likes CHOW’s Zucchini Carpaccio with Feta and Pine Nuts. He advises using small squash and trying a slice beforehand to make sure it’s not bitter.

escondido123 browns diced zucchini with chopped garlic and rehydrated raisins, then adds capers, parsley, and salt and pepper, spooning it all on toasted bread spread with goat cheese. Or this zucchini hummus is a “lower cal, lighter version with eerily similar flavor to chickpea hummus,” says DuchessNukem.

Zucchini stuffed with light fillings, whether the small, round squashes or long ones cut into pieces, make a nice starter. Hounds recommend shrimp-and-feta-stuffed zucchini and zucchini stuffed with feta and dill.

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