Ice your tongue if you have to, but try Liu Xiang Yuan’s fish balls. “I went last night for dinner and burned the crap out of my mouth with their fish ball soup,” says PandanExpress. “I was starving and knew better, but I took a huge bite out of their fist-sized fish balls and the broth inside scalded the inside of my mouth. But oh, it was well worth it.”

The fish ball soup has two broths—the nice broth outside the fish balls, and the stunning broth inside the balls. The balls themselves are wonderful, says PandanExpress, “pillowy soft outside with the delicate flavor of fish, wrapped around a dangerously hot ground meat core with a hint of ginger.” One $7 bowl is enough for two.

“I’m not sure why the restaurant was so empty during dinner last night,” says PandanExpress. “Maybe everyone was at home icing their tongues.”

Liu Xiang Yuan [San Gabriel Valley]
704 W. Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel

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