I-naba supposedly specializes in tempura, but the tempura’s not actually the best thing there, says hoozswup. The place is full of delights. For example: I-naba makes its own soba, by hand. Don’t get it hot; the perfect texture of the soba will die. The cold soba has just the right amount of chewiness, and comes with excellent sauce.

The grilled beef tongue is grilled close to perfection, says hoozwup. It’s tender with a pleasant char, and comes with a lovely green onion sauce. I-naba’s battera sushi is another specialty, with just the right amount of fish taste—it’s not actually fishy for lovers of that oily fish energy.

I-naba’s famous, though, for the dedicated tempura station with a dedicated tempura chef. The tempura is quite good, says hoozswup, just not as brilliant as the soba or battera.

I-naba [South Bay]
20920 Hawthorne Boulevard, Torrance

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