Ears perked at the mention of a new dumpling shop opening in Milpitas Square. Chandavkl submitted the first mention of My Dumplings (some sources call it just My Dumpling), noting that there are several interesting dumpling styles on the menu, including a fish version.

K K, dumpling supersleuth, flipped through photos on Yelp to draw the following conclusions:

• Yilan-style scallion pancakes, short rib soup, and Hey Song brand soda point to a Taiwanese influence
• Cold appetizers and fried noodles hint at a Shanghainese angle
• Si gua (loofah and shrimp) XLB may indicate that a former dumpling chef from the defunct HC Dumpling House in Cupertino now mans the dumpling station here
• Pleats in the XLB average 15 in the photos, which is 3 fewer than at Din Tai Fung, which some consider the gold standard of Taiwanese XLB restaurants
• Mango pudding is just weird

So far no reports have filtered in, but that is certain to change soon.

My Dumplings [South Bay]
300 Barber Court, Milpitas

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