Food52: Even though it rarely gets that hot here in San Francisco, these no-cook recipes are speakin’ my language, like loli’s watermelon and goat cheese salad, shown at left. —Lisa

Seaweed Snacks: Making your own raspberry and olallieberry lactobacillus-fermented soda with about 2 percent alcohol is like making kiddie moonshine. —Amy

The Chubby Vegetarian: Vegetarian and low fat are not two concepts I’d ever associate with poutine, but it does look damn delicious. —Amy

Viet World Kitchen: Finally, an app that demystifies Asian groceries, along with pics, tips, and videos. Sign me up! —Christine

Pictures & Pancakes: This bourbon and maple syrup riff on a classic Dark & Stormy cocktail is going to be the sidekick to my next grilled steak. —Lisa

Capturing Penang: Fresh pandan leaves turn chicken into beautiful little wrapped appetizers. —Christine

Crepes of Wrath: This grape ape collins looks delicious and refreshing, great for a sunny day. —Omer

Alinea at Home: If this squab recipe tastes as good as it looks … show-stopper! —Omer

Photo: Sarah Shatz, Food52

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