Cold Soups for Hot Weather

Soup can be just the thing when the temperature rises, if it's a cooling chilled soup. In addition to classic gazpacho (or a twist on it like CHOW's Watermelon Gazpacho), chilled creamy vegetable soups, especially cucumber or pea, are Chowhound favorites.

EmmaFrances loves this chilled pea soup with mint, curried shrimp, and peanut, while JungMann makes a chilled soup of red curry paste, coconut milk, and shrimp stock, and serves it with chilled shrimp dressed with lime juice, cilantro, and mint.

DMW makes avocado-cucumber soup by blending avocado, seeded cucumber, plain yogurt, green onions, hot sauce, and salt and pepper. anunez loves a spicy yellow pepper soup: Roast yellow peppers, then cook them with onion, jalapeño, a bit of rosemary, and chicken stock, purée, and chill.

Also refreshing are chilled fruit soups. InmanSQ Girl makes cantaloupe-pineapple soup by puréeing the fruit with a handful of fresh mint and some lime juice; and plum soup by simmering plums in sweet white wine and orange juice with cinnamon and ground cloves.

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