Oh man! Is it almost Thanksgiving already? FinnFPM is new in town and looking for a source for organic/local turkey. Here are the hound-approved purveyors of such turkeys, as well as heritage breeds:

• Stillman’s is top of the list for its superior birds. The farm still has some turkeys left; you can get them in small (10 to 15 pounds, $65), medium (16 to 20 pounds, $80), and large (21 to 25 pounds, $100). The heritage turkeys are sold out for 2009; on the website Stillman’s offers to put customers on a mailing list for 2010. Kind of cold comfort.

• Owens Poultry Farm has birds that have “fantastic flavor” but are “rather expensive” at $8.50 a pound, according to Luther.

• Misty Knoll Farms, best known for its delightful chickens, also sells turkeys that are almost local (is Vermont local?). If you order one of Misty Knoll’s turkeys through Brown Boar Farm, Brown Boar will drop it off at Holly Hill Farm on November 21.

• Several hounds have had good luck ordering from Russo’s. The store sources from a farm in Vermont, says Spenbald, and at $2.98 a pound, the turkeys are quite a bargain. They’re all-natural, though “not quite as pampered and responsible as some other choices in the area.”

Stillman’s Farm [MetroWest]
1205 Barre Road, New Braintree

Owens Poultry Farm [MetroWest]
585 Central Avenue, Needham

Misty Knoll Turkey Pickup at Holly Hill Farm [South Shore]
236 Jerusalem Road, Cohasset

Russo’s [MetroWest]
560 Pleasant Street, Watertown

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