“Other Indian restaurants in Boston pale by comparison,” says StriperGuy of Kabab & Tandoor. He breaks it down for us: “excellent” chapati, “superb” dal, “mindblowingly good” apricot custard dessert. The meats are good, especially goat and chicken, and the haleem, a sort of meat pudding with crispy onions atop, is choice.

Trumpetguy has a thing for the curried whole eggplants in peanut/sesame sauce and the potatoes cooked with chiles, garlic, and tomato. The place doesn’t get the crowds it deserves, so make with the group dinners and lunches.

Kabab & Tandoor [North of Boston]
699 Main Street, Waltham

Board Link: Kebab and Tandoor Waltham, Best Indian Inside 128

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