As winter creeps nearer, the goulash at Korzo is sounding mighty fine. Served with pan-seared spätzle, it’s “first rate, spicy and soul-satisfying,” promises Deb Van D. Other winners on the wide-ranging Mitteleuropean menu include latkes, Czech-style slow-roasted pork fier, and a white bean soup that Deb found “really good, really zippy.”

Korzo, which opened a year and a half ago under the name Eurotrip, has settled into a groove that’s unexpected and welcome, Bob Martinez suggests. “Central European food in New York is usually formulaic. It can be good but it’s stuff you’ve had before,” he writes. “Korzo is trying to break that mold. The chef isn’t afraid to branch out a bit and the flavors are distinctive.”

Korzo [Park Slope]
667 Fifth Avenue (between 19th and 20th streets), Brooklyn

Board Link: Korzo (f.k.a. Eurotrip), 5th Ave.

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