At Chimu Peruvian Soulfood: “Midway through our meal, the head chef, a very handsome and well-spoken man in all black, came out to give us a sample of his alfajores, little shortbread cookies filled with a carob mousse,” says maiweezy. “At first the cream tastes like a pumpkin-pie-baking-spice spiked dulce de leche, but then it gives way to much deeper, burnt caramel-y, dark molasses-y notes. The shortbread has such a pleasant texture—soft, slightly dense, and slightly crumbly.” The cookies aren’t on the menu yet because the chef is still perfecting the recipe, “but holy alfajores, I hope he doesn’t change a thing!”

Besides the cookies, the food here is exquisite, says maiweezy. “There’s extensive attention to detail that makes the food extremely elegant, but the flavors are bold and exciting, and there’s such a unique array of ingredients in each plate.” Take the shima aji tiradato, which is four pieces of shima aji (striped jack fish) in a citrus-y seaweed salad. The salad has bits of sliced citrus, radish, sliced peaches, avocado, and quinoa. “Such a great dish to wake up the palate, and the fish was extremely fresh and paired well with the bold citrus flavors,” says maiweezy.

Also great: grilled beef heart, amazing and hearty, smoky and cooked to perfection. Some of the dishes here might remind you of Chowhound-beloved Mo-Chica, but that’s because the head chef at Chimu, Mario Orellana, is a partner in, and a former cook at, Mo-Chica.

“This place is bonkers delicious,” says maiweezy.

Chimu Peruvian Soulfood [Downtown]
324 S. Hill Street, Los Angeles

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