Nibble Queen is a tiny hole in the wall high in the valley. The place doesn’t look like much—an empty room with a few premade sandwiches under glass. But the sandwiches turn out to be really delicious, made with fresh, gourmet ingredients and a ton of care, says kimberlite8.

The owner is Austrian, so there’s a European bent to the sandwiches, with ingredients like herring, Peppadew peppers, and sardines. They’re “topless sandwiches,” sort of like a big bruschetta. They’re $2.75 each; lots of people get about three of ’em. Only drawback: There’s only one guy working there, and he’s meticulous about making everything from scratch, so service can be slow.

kimberlite8’s favorites: pesto-Parmesan (with fresh-made pesto), sautéed mushrooms (sautéed to order), sardine, and Brie-walnut.

Nibble Queen [San Fernando Valley – West]
21014 Ventura Boulevard, Woodland Hills

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