Those who fondly remember the departed Seven Star Mandarin House in Newton Center will be excited to hear that Seven Star chef Joseph Lin’s son, Chowhound Christopherflin, has just opened his Seven Star Street Bistro in Roslindale. Announcing the new venture on the boards last fall, Christopher promised, “It will be a mix of old and new, combining many of the classic dishes from Seven Star Mandarin House, with a selection of Xiao Chi (small plates). The small plates will be a mix of classic comfort food or ‘refined street food.'” Did the Lins hit the mark?

Very promising, says devilham, who talked up the hot and sour soup: “probably the best version of this soup I’ve ever had,” with a nice heat level, good balance with the vinegar, and a lack of cornstarch goopiness. Crab rangoons were “nice and plump, with actual, discernable clumps of crab meat in them, a Boston first for me.” Kung pow beef had tender, flavorful beef with charred edges and big, well-cooked chunks of peppers, onion, and water chestnut.

langley had tasty barbecue chicken skewers that came with peanut sauce that was exceptionally fresh, as was the ginger dressing on a green salad. TimTamGirl agreed with the “nice and fresh” verdict: “The beef lo mein tasted like real ingredients rather than MSG and steam tables, and the crispy chicken wings had some faint but yummy tang to them that I enjoyed.”

The dining room is quite small but pretty, with bamboo and wood and just a few tables, seating for maybe eight. Looks like Seven Star is mostly a takeout joint for now, albeit an exceptionally friendly one: “Chris’s dad, the original chef and owner of the Newton place, was cooking in the kitchen with Chris last night,” says lc02139. “Great warm and friendly feeling already just after one visit.”

Seven Star Street Bistro [Roslindale]
153-155 Belgrade Avenue, Boston

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