StriperGuy has found Soul Fire BBQ a bit “spotty” in the past but had a meal this week that laid him out cold. Pork ribs, his test for barbecue, were “large, meaty, with a good bark, and just the right amount of juicy fat remaining. Literally could not be improved upon.” Baked beans had “just the right sweetness with some good smokey baconey char to them,” and the coleslaw and cornbread were up to snuff. His only beef? The collards were too sweet, and tasted kinda weird.

FoonFan likes the collards—“yes, a bit sweet, but very smoky too with big chunks of burnt ends mixed in”—and speaks up for the fried chicken, which is cooked to order. It takes about 20 minutes per order, but FoonFan says it’s delicious with a “good crunch factor.” celeriac loves the brisket (“firm enough to be toothsome without being tough in the slightest” and a “nice almost bacon-like rim of fat”) as well as the pulled pork, reputedly smoky and toothsome as well.

Several hounds even say the ’cue and sides are better than the local standard, Blue Ribbon. And Soul Fire sells beer. “Sorry, Blue Ribbon, but selling beer is a big PLUS,” says StriperGuy.

Soul Fire BBQ [Allston]
182 Harvard Avenue, Allston

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