There’s no shortage of barbecue these days in New York City, but also no shortage of “fake NYC stuff,” observes serf420. Chowhounds say Mable’s Smokehouse in Williamsburg is for real: “very traditional straightforward Texas-Okie BBQ that doesn’t feel the need to incorporate pork belly or other unnecessary flourishes,” as Mr Porkchop pegs it.

The meats—brisket, ribs, pulled pork, sausage—are right on the money. “Not some chef’s riff on BBQ,” serf reports. “Perfect smoky flavor and tender, with just the right amount of fat to keep it pleasant.” bookmonger, whose ‘cue credentials range from Carolina to Kansas City, singles out Mable’s brisket as the only consistent version in the nabe (“Fette Sau is too fancy tasting without letting the meat just shine through”). Sides (beans, corn, coleslaw, mac ‘n’ cheese) are serviceable, the mood friendly and down-home; “they are actually happy to have you there,” says bookmonger, “which also adds to the real BBQ experience you want.”

Mable’s Smokehouse [Williamsburg]
44 Berry Street (at N. 11th Street), Brooklyn

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