Chowhound hackattaq reports seeing “delicious looking shaved ice,” often called shave ice in Hawaii, on a TV show, and is on the hunt for some. Shave ice is finer than the common snow cone, and can be found all around Hawaii, painted in tropical hues. roro1831 chimes in with a similar wish, but for New Orleans’s snoball. It sounds pretty similar, with a straw so you can drink it, and a fluffier texture. He was thrilled to see a mention of a new vendor, Imperial Woodpecker Sno-balls, which jester99 tried and loved the King Cake flavor: “the SOB tasted like King Cake.” A few more hounds chimed in with more suggestions, from Carroll Gardens’ Eton to Wooly’s Ice in Manhattan. Stay cool out there, hounds!

Imperial Woodpecker Sno-balls [Flatiron]
145 Seventh Avenue S., Manhattan

Eton [Carroll Gardens]
359 Sackett Street, Brooklyn

Wooly’s Ice [Downtown]
Centre & Reade streets, Manhattan
No phone available

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