At Restaurant Transylvania, “the notion of being open when the customer is hungry takes second-fiddle to the notion of being open when the family wants to be open,” says lil mikey.

Even if you can find it open, the experience is a little awkward, says lil mikey. “First, I was the only customer in there. And when I arrived, they looked at me like I was the taxman…. First seemingly challenging my existence in their shop, then questioning me on what I want.” lil mikey was eventually shown a menu, but was told that nothing was available from it except the Dracula burger, chicken paprikash, and a sandwich.

And the big surprise at the end of this long, gloomy tunnel? The chicken paprikash is really excellent. It comes as a stew, ladled over fresh spätzle. “The spaetzle was tender and buttery, but it had a perfect firmness, and occasionally I’d get a crispy bite,” says lil mikey. The chicken is fresh and tender from hours of simmering; the sauce creamy, with a light flavor of paprika.

Restaurant Transylvania [Hollywood]
5615 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

Board Link: Transylvania Restaurant–Hollywood

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