Saveur apparently found a way to cover pot cooking and still look classy and gourmet and stuff. In issue number 139, “BBQ Nation,” an article ascribes the recipe for marijuana chicken curry to the “Muduvans, a forest-dwelling people who rely on psychoactive flora for food, medicine, and enlightenment.” After an Indian grandma delivers the recipe from Kerala via Skype, the author picks up the fresh leaves of “a mild, toasty sativa” at her local medical marijuana shop, and says that they “harmonized with the sautéed onions, garlic, ginger, curry leaves, and coconut” in the finished dish.

It always feels a little funny to talk about pot the same way you’d talk about, well, oregano, or any other herb or seasoning. After all, its main draw is its psychoactive effect. The Saveur article (which did not include a recipe) didn’t really own up to that fact. After eating the chicken, “mellow” tasters would only admit to feeling relaxed. When we covered San Francisco–based Cannabis Catering, a.k.a. “The French Laundry of the Weed World,” its chef didn’t shy away from describing the effects of a Guinness-hash demiglace and a crème brûlée with lemon-and-pot-infused crème anglaise: “I want you to be knocked down, but I don’t want you to not be able to talk or be hallucinating or in a coma with lipstick on your forehead because you can’t find your face.”

Image source: Flickr member Chelsea Daniele under Creative Commons

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