The Sweet Beet: Useful information on the nutritional value of foods and why most vitamin supplements can be avoided with a balanced diet. —Omer

BitterSweet: Soup may be the product of desperate cooks cobbling together a meal from food fragments and scraps, but it’s still delicious. —Amy

My Modern Met: A Q&A with artist Christopher Boffoli, who does amazing miniature story scenes told through teeny-tiny figurines and food (pictured above). —Christine

365 Kitchen: A very beachy scallop kebab recipe to be enjoyed with a glass of wine, or a beer perhaps, next to the grill. Smell that salt air! —Amy

The Kitchn: Ice cream from one—and only one—ingredient. —Christine

The Amateur Gourmet: Rhubarb is in season, and it should appear in more than just pies. —Omer

Lara Ferroni: How did I miss National Doughnut Day? Oh well, I’m still going to make these little cherry munchkins to celebrate. —Lisa

Food in Jars: I need to get my hands on the perfect half-pint Mason jars pictured here. And then make the jam. —Lisa

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